ALEC plays an active role in working collaboratively with industry partners to promote the Australian livestock export industry by improving animal welfare, encouraging the adoption of best practice across the supply and improving market access.

ALEC works closely with the Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd (LiveCorp), a not-for-profit industry service provider with approximately 40 members and associate members involved in the export of Australian livestock.

LiveCorp is funded through statutory levies contributed by livestock exporters and was established in 1998 as a result of a restructuring of institutional arrangements within the meat and livestock industry.

LiveCorp works closely with industry stakeholders to continuously improve performance in animal health and welfare, supply chain efficiency and market access through the provision of technical services and research, development and extension (RD&E).

Working with LiveCorp, ALEC representatives actively participate in a number of industry committees including the Protocol Committee (focused on the health requirements of importing countries) and the Live Export Research & Development Advisory Committee (LERDAC).

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